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Baccarat Games

Baccarat Games

Players can choose the type of bet that is best suited for them, either through Cash or Chip Games. We also have Low-Limit tables specially prepared for players who wish bet smaller, and we also accommodate for high betting players who prefer a bigger limit table.

Asia Games

We have an exceptional range of options in our Baccarat game. In this game, we include many optional bets for the players to participate in like Super 6, Pair Player and Banker; big and small. The minimum bet is as low as $1-$2.5 per game.

Players can also play in any of our cash or chip game tables and receive 2% commission on their winning bet.

We offer cash and chip games playable in Dual Currencies (VND and USD).

Asian Casino Games
Bai Buu Games

Bai Buu Games

Bai Buu is a famous Vietnamese casino game, which is popular in Vietnam and Cambodia. Most casinos in Cambodia, such as Lucky89 Border Casino, have introduced this game.

1.A standard of 52-card deck is used to play this casino game.
2.The dealer arranges the cards into 7 stacks with 4 cards each.
3.The dealer will shake the dice and will give opportunity to a player to shake the dice as well.
4.The total result of the 3 dice determines the house card and where the deal begins.
5.The dealer distributes the stacks to each player.
6.The player arranges the cards into a High Hand and Low Hand with 2 cards each
7.Then, the dealer opens the house card and arrange into a High Hand and Low Hand.
8.The dealer opens each player’s cards to determine the winning hand.
9.If the High Hand and Low Hand are arranged incorrectly, the House automatically wins.