The question that everyone has been asking is “How Does It Feel to Work at Lucky89 Border Casino”?

Well this question is best answered by the men and women that make a living by working at our Lucky89 Border Casino. There are so many opportunities given to staff to earn legitimately while working at our establishment through various added incentive programs such as tips, commissions, innovation and etc. At the Lucky89 Border Casino we never limit our staff from earning more through the correct ways, we always want to see our staffs lives improve as it’s a part of our company’s mission.

Now we conducted a survey with our Top Earning Staffs on how they feel about working at our lucky89 Border Casino.


Rot Youry

“I feel happy working at Lucky89 Border Casino as I can earn well each month. I will definitely recommend more of my friends to come and work here also.

Keot Ya

“It’s nice to work here as I have the opportunity to improve myself and also earn more for myself every month. We are rewarded for our hard work”

Rith Srey Roth

“it’s very nice to work here as I have very nice people with me here. It’s easy to mix with everyone from friends to our supervisors.”

Ream Savdey

“I feel happy to be here as we are given a good opportunity to earn for the work we do. I also have many friends here along with good supervisors and managers whom always understand our situations.”


These are opinions straight from the people working at the Lucky89 Border Casino which were recorded independently by individuals whom are not related to their department of work or influence their decision to contain the authenticity of their reviews.

We hope and look forward to the Lucky89 Border Casino to be the place that can improve the lives of our staff and at the same time attract more talent to join our ever growing family.