Do you remember your high school class?

You know….

When you were not allowed to:

  • Eat in class
  • Play games in class
  • Talk to your classmate in class
  • Sleep in class, or even
  • Go to the toilet?

I know right, the only thing you can do is stare out the window and don’t get caught…

I’ve been to those types of classes. And it’s devastating because there’s nothing else to do other than pretend to listen to the teacher or scribble take down notes.

Now, imagine not being in a classroom, but in the middle of two different countries, except that there’s a casino, a hotel, and all related things you can think of.

Amazing, right?

But here’s the thing…

It actually exists.

Welcome to the Lucky 89 Border Casino.

Open 24 hours, anytime you wanna have fun


Grounded in the Khmer side of the Cambodia-Vietnam Border, this casino is one place you’ll definitely get into especially when you’re after the somewhat contrasting ambiance of the serenity of nature and the thrill of gambling. When you come here, you’re gonna discover that they can co-exist!

Step inside the casino doors and see the table games of Baccarat, Bai Buu, Tai Xiu, Dragon Tiger, Fan Tan, and 3 Card Poker waiting for you.


Have the dinner of your life at the Lucky89 Khmer or Vietnamese Beer Garden.


Taking a break from all that betting calls for a sumptuous meal. Enter either the Khmer or Vietnamese Beer Garden (you choose), and indulge in a wide array of Khmer dishes while you’re at it, coupled with your choice of the top Khmer beer brands—Angkor, Anchor and Cambodia Beer.

Karaoke Cambodia


In the mood for singing? The stage is yours at the Lucky89 KTV! Be loud and proud as you punch and sing your favorite jam—which we bet can be found among the 40,000+ songs we got ready to make your stage performance possible.


Prepare to lose yourself on the dance floor! You may need a few drinks to boost your confidence. Don’t fret, Lucky89 Lucky Night Disco’s got the drink, the music, and the room to make you look the coolest.


Casino Disco

Get lost on the dance floor.



Sometimes, you just need a change of perspective. You’ll want to see the sceneries from above. You’ll want to better see the sky. That’s all good, because we got the Lucky89 Sky Bar.

Have a feast just like the Beer Gardens, but closer to the sky (if you know what I mean). You won’t have a Karaoke party here, but you can feel the serenity of being in the most romantic spot of the border.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time for you to start checking out the Lucky89 Border Casino now.

Stop letting the fear of having too much fun hold you back.