Singing karaoke at the Lucky89 KTV!

X Factor, The Voice, Got Talent, Idol.

Glee, Pitch Perfect, High School Musical, The Greatest Showman.

Frozen, COCO, Aladdin, Tangled.

Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, The Lion King.

Music is everywhere, from the whistles of the man on the other side of the road, to that shameless shower concert you had this morning, to the soft lullabies moms hum to their babies, to the biggest singing shows, to the longest-running musicals, to YouTube music covers, viral or not viral, to the funny background music in TikTok, to your iTunes and Spotify playlists, free or premium.

Music can make you dance-y, happy, thoughtful, angry, high, low, sad, worried, get motivated, get in the mood, or fall in love.

Whatever music makes you feel, for sure, at one point or another, music has gotten you, me, and everyone into the mood for SINGING.


Eyes closed, coupled with hand gestures and mouth opened wide enough to get the singing right—this lady is sure in the mood for singing.

Fight me on this but no matter how shy or tone-deaf you are, I bet there’s one point in your life when you’ve fantasized yourself being a STAR—on that bright twinkling stage, with all eyes on you, giving out the performance of your life. And then there are those wild cheers, the huge bouquet of flowers, the trophy, the bows, and all the fun things of being a star.

Singing makes you fantasize about how you could look like if they chose to be a singer.

And singing’s good. It has tremendous benefits for expressing yourself, how you feel, and what message you want to convey.

But of course, if you’re not singing for a living, the sad truth is you can’t really sing all the time, anytime you want, anywhere you want.

So, how the hell can we sing in our daily lives?

In this small, humble, quaint spot of Kampong Rou, in this sweet border between Cambodia and Vietnam, would there be a place for you to sing your heart out?

Fortunately, there is.

And that’s the Lucky89 KTV.

karaoke lucky89

The Lucky89 KTV works well on a human being with a voice or anyone who loves music or having fun.

We got easy-to-use touch screen system, BMB speakers fine-tuned to make your performance as astounding as you imagine it to be, wireless microphones that let you sing however you like—in KTV room types Small, Medium, Large, and VIP room with prices that perfectly mixes bargain and fun, by hourly rates.

We got 40,000+ songs to choose from and counting. The song list is updated weekly for you to have all the choices possible, between Khmer, Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Malaysian, and Japanese songs. Just think of all the songs you can sing in the Lucky89 KTV with just a touch of a button!

These rooms are truly perfect for birthday celebrations, team events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and any type of celebration you can think of—I mean, if your best bet in The Voice wins then won’t you celebrate by punching in their winning song?

singing lucky89

If reality is an obstacle, we create a new reality for you. If reality doesn’t let you sing whenever and wherever you want, then we built the Lucky89 KTV for you to sing your heart out.

No more restraints, no more shyness, no more repressed emotions.

Music was invented to be sung, listened to, and enjoy. You deserve a good singing spree at the Lucky89 KTV every once in a while.

Don’t let this be one of the things you’ve always wanted to try but have never gotten around to.

Now, get out of that shower and be a star at the Lucky89 KTV!