Wondering What Lucky89’s Logo actually means?

What are the happiest moments in your life?

Could it be when…

…you graduated?

…you got married?

…your crush confessed to you?

Or those beautiful days when…

…you’re on vacation, doing a marathon on Netflix?

…you’re swimming on the beach

…you’re in Disneyland?

lucky89 casino

They could even be moments when you’re watching TikTok compilations, or the ancient Vine compilations. Or when the funniest memes get to your news feed, or when you read that one Tweet that made you go “OH MY GOD!” and laughing nonstop for 5 minutes.

Happiness and humor vary, and whatever your happy moments are, we can totally relate to you.

We love fun just as much as you do.

That’s why we built the Lucky 89 Border Casino.

Come inside, fans of fun!

You see that yellow thingy on the picture above?

That’s our happy company logo.


lucky89 logo

Why does it look like that?

Let’s find out.

First off, the color yellow.

The colors yellow is the brightest color of the visible spectrum and is the most noticeable of all colors by the human eye.

It is widely meant to symbolize happiness and optimism.

When you’re reminded of a happy, bright yellow, the image of the sun comes to your mind. Likewise, the Sun also symbolizes happiness and optimism.

On sunny days, you’re energized to go out, drink iced lemonade, eat ice cream, go to the beach, or do stuff you’re planning or wanting to do. Sunny days make you feel energized, active, and happy.

Now that we think about it, it feels like the color yellow and the sun were meant to be together!

That’s why we incorporated the color yellow to our Lucky89 logo.

lucky89 happiness

When surrounded by pretty yellow flowers, who wouldn’t laugh?

Now, you may be reminded of another color other than yellow.

The color gold.

The color gold stands for the color of success, achievement, and triumph. It’s normally associated with abundance, prosperity, luxury and quality, value and elegance.

The meanings associated with the color gold are what we want you to experience as you come here and play, get entertained, and/or stay with us at the Lucky89 Border Casino. We want you to get lucky and enjoy playing with us.

Whether you see our company logo as yellow or gold, you’re not gonna get wrong.

lucky89 gold

Whether they’re legit gold coins or chocolates within, I’m happy. How about you?

Next comes the secondary color—red.

Red corresponds to the element of fire (that’s why the Fire Nation is red), symbolizing good fortune and joy. It complements the sunny, happy, and successful dispositions of the yellow and gold colors.

Traditionally a symbolic color of happiness, it is strictly forbidden in solemn, melancholic occasions such as funerals.

Next comes the three rectangular shapes.

Don’t they remind you of……playing cards?

Just like dice and chips, playing cards are symbolic in casinos since they’re one of the most common tools used in a game.

And since we’re a casino, we have all sorts of games that make use of playing cards. Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, and Bai Buu are just some of them.

These cards also wish you happiness and luck.

lucky89 gambling

If you’re wondering, yes, I did specifically choose a picture of playing cards on a yellow background. Yes.


While the two faces of the three cards have the numbers 8 and 9, there’s one that’s different among the rest—the smiling face in the middle.

This is the emotion that we want you to feel as you drop by our Lucky 89 casino and try out not just our games, but also our many different amenities and options for fun.

Now that you’re familiar with us being a casino, we’re extending our wishes to you to be lucky and stay lucky by literally putting the “Lucky” word in our logo.

lucky89 smilesWe’re working hard to make you this happy!

And then we go to the Number 8.

This number is so frickin’ popular—from the Magic 8 Ball, Avril Lavigne’s iconic eargasmic Sk8er Boi song, to how it’s almost always associated to the infinity symbol (because, well, it’s shaped similarly).

Number 8 is widely known as a lucky number, especially in the Chinese community. When read, it sounds like the Chinese word “发”, which means wealth or prosper.

And lastly, the Number 9.

The Chinese word for Number 9 sounds like the Chinese word “久”, which means lasting and eternity. On birthdays and weddings, the number 9 represents longevity—which translates to long existence when it comes to Lucky 89.

Natural 8 and 9

Outside the lucky vibes of these two numbers, we may also look at them in terms of gambling—the industry we belong to:

In table games such as Baccarat, if the total of the first two cards sum up to 8 or 9, it is the winning hand. These natural cards can also be insured in the game Baccarat Insurance—the table game where you can protect your wages.

By gracing our casino name and logo with these numbers that are not only lucky but also winning, these are the exact results that we want you to achieve in playing and enjoying with us here at the Lucky89 Border Casino.


So there you have it.

The elements of the Lucky 89 logo—all connected, all wishing you luck, fortune, and, most of all, happiness.

When examined this way, our Lucky 89 logo naturally goes well to our Company Vision, too:

“The world is filled with joy and happiness through our efforts”

See? We got the mood, the value, and the branding right.


So what are you waiting for?

Drop by our Lucky 89 Border Casino now and find the best way that works for you to have fun.

Who knows, this may just be the sweet spot of the world where you experience the happiest moment of your life.

May you be Happy and Lucky!