The Night Is Always Young. What’s the clubbing scene at the Lucky Night Disco?

After you play in our popular casino table games, there’s so much more for you to do in the Lucky89 Border Casino. There’s the Vietnamese Beer Garden, Khmer Beer Garden, the KTVs, Mini Sky-Bar and Mini Mart.

But there’s this one distinct place where you’d love to be, usually in the city, on Friday nights or weekend nights (sometimes on weekday nights as well), where you can truly let loose, dance, party, be loud and wild, and where you won’t be embarrassed to be you—because everyone’s doing the same.

It’s a dark place illuminated by colorful, bright, psychedelic lights that lit up in sync with the thump of booming, lively party music. This place is on point in making every night your best night ever.

lucky89 Lucky Night Disco

Maybe this should be the place to take that kid in Simple Plan’s I’m Just A Kid. Why? Because he feels that “every night is the worst night ever” *badum-tss*


In the city, they call it the club. Here we call it the Lucky Night Disco.

Before there was the Lucky Night Disco, Kampong Rou was quiet. Entertainments were usually done at home. There are other discos and KTVs for sure, but none big, grand, and party-friendly enough to invite everybody. Nevertheless, in quaint rural areas like Kampong Rou, daytime is daytime, night time is bed time—peace and quiet all around.

lucky89 Lucky Night Disco2

In a community with fewer options for you to do at night, this is what you’re expected to do.


But not everyone wants to be in bed at all nights, especially now, with the holiday season right around the corner. The night is young, after all. This is when we can relate to those cute toddlers and kids the most. When you try to put them in bed, they rebel. Most of us are like that, too. Sometimes.

This makes Lucky Night Disco stand out more. It’s soundproof so nobody can be disturbed outside. And since it’s soundproof, the music can be as loud as it can be inside.

Your party music can be anything—English, Khmer, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai, Chinese, Japanese. The hits are remixed for you to dance the night away to. Lose yourself on the dance floor, get loud, wild, and crazy.

lucky89 Lucky Night Disco3

Ladies’ Night, anyone?


Ladies are especially happy on weekends. Every Friday and Saturday, they enjoy free drinks. No limited-time thing, like those “Happy Hour”s that usually only last for 1 hour, but all night. And this is good news for you guys, too. You can save up on treating your ladies to their favorite drinks.

Open to meeting new people? It usually happens in cafes, but in the Lucky Night Disco, you come inside as strangers and then come out as the best of friends. That rarely happens in the cafe, don’t you agree? What’s more: although this spot is the border between Cambodia and Vietnam (Cambodia side), we have a wide range of people of different nationalities partying together with our Cambodian brothers and sisters here! You can meet and party with Malaysians, Filipinos, Nepalese, Indonesians, Vietnamese and more. This place truly slays the day.

Lucky Night Disco3

With all these fun stuff that comes with partying at the Lucky Night Disco, this place sets the stage for you to have best party memories and experiences—a night you will never forget.

Dress in your favorite party wear and come join us at the biggest night in town, open every night, only here at the Lucky Night Disco. Here, partying is as fun as you imagine it to be. This is where you can break free for real.

See you tonight!