Land based Casinos have flourished in Cambodia and although it is illegal for citizens there to gamble, it is hot spot for tourism. By end of 2015 there were 75 Casinos catering to foreign tourism.

Jo-Ed Salaver, Marketing Executive at Lucky 89 Casino in the Cambodia region gave LCB a recent interview.

  1. When did Lucky 89 Border Casino open?

Lucky89 Casino & Resort was opened February 26, 2011.

  1. Who owns this Casino?

Lucky89 Management

  1. How many brands does the company own?

Actually Lucky89 Border Casino and Lucky Ruby Border Casino are much called sister company. These two Land Based Casinos are owned by Lucky89 Management.

  1. Is this Casino close to the Lucky Ruby Border Casino location?

Yes it is just a 5 min walk to each location.

  1. What games are available?

Games are Baccarat Insurance, Baccarat, Dragon & Tiger, Tai Xiu, Fan Tan and Bai Buu Games.

  1. What sets this Casino apart from the others in the area?

Near the Border’s of Vietnam – Cambodia sets 3 individual casinos but not too far to each other.

  1. Tell us more about the other services provided: Fish Massage and Micro Finance.

There is a place on the casino were players could also enjoy a different way of Foot massage thru fish on the pond if they want to get relaxed and shift to a peaceful environment.

Micro Finance is a new project of Lucky89 Management to help small time villagers to avail a loan for them to use to start their business or any financial needs in an easy and convenient way.

Now we recently opened our own fitness GYM for customers or players.

  1. Is there any plans to open another casino in the near future?

As of now were still on the progress stage were now focusing on the two Land Based Casino & Resort and when time comes to gain expansion.