What Are The Opportunities for Fresh Graduates At The Lucky89 Border Casino

Cambodian families have some of the closest family ties in the world. Unlike usual Western families we see in Hollywood movies, Cambodian kids don’t usually leave the house for college but instead travel back and forth from their homes. It’s also common for married couples to keep living in the house where they were born, or beside that house, building one of their own— as long as they’re near the family they grew up with.

But the fact that children are leaving their homes with differing purposes—either to pursue traveling while working, or to better provide financial aid to their own parents and families, or to experience lives unlike the humility they’ve known from the day they were born, to get a taste of the modern life, and perhaps even luxury—are getting more common.

One of the most heartbreaking of all the reasons why various sons and daughters leave their homes is that opportunities aren’t enough to boost their skills, and/or the wages aren’t enough for the whole family to survive. Therefore, sacrifices are and have been made. These children brave the currents of challenges and opportunities abroad in order to provide better comfort to their families in the village, in spite of the sorrow of living far away.

Kampong Rou was once a community that was once a constant witness of such heartbreaking scenes.

But now, things are slowly changing for the better.

Opportunities are getting more diverse and career growth becomes more possible without having to live far away.

And now, we introduce to you the hats you can wear with Lucky 89 Border Casino.

Job Opportunities at Lucky89 Border Casinou Casino Operations

Opportunities for casino operations are plenty enough for a fresh graduate like you to choose from. You may involve yourself directly with the casino games with roles such as Casino dealer, Scheduler and many more roles.

Sales and Marketing

You’re probably more interested in creating content or make sales and foster business partnerships. You can’t sit still if you don’t set the gears to materialize something, may it be an article, a graphic artwork or a new business deal. If you’re more of this creative type, Sales and Marketing may just be for you. Marketing opportunities available in Lucky89 including Land Based Casino Marketing Executive positions, Graphic Artist, Public Relations or if you have an interest for being on camera, you could be our next youtuber which acts like our brand ambassador.

Food and Beverage

F&B is for the foodies and those who care a lot about the tummies and appetites of Lucky 89 players and visitors. For you, food and drinks should be taken seriously, after all. Open jobs for you here include F&B Executive, Chef and Steward.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

If you care about cleanliness, hygiene, taking care of stuff and fixing them as needed, then Housekeeping and Maintenance is a good match for you. For us, we can’t afford to have our visitors experiencing horror stories such as stains in the sheets, hair on the pillows belonging to the previous guest, sparks on the plug, air-conditioning that doesn’t work, trash that hasn’t been emptied, and many more. Available opportunities include Housekeeping Executive and Technician.

Security and Surveillance

Security and Surveillance are for those who have a better than average sense of alertness, and attention to detail. Justice and Safety are your masters, and you have a strong sense of morality that meshes well with the company values. Opportunities for you include CCTV Operator, Surveillance Supervisor, Security Executive, and Security Guard.

Massage and Sauna

In the Massage and Sauna, for at least half an hour, and at most a few hours, you shall be the steward of your clients’ sanities. Your healing hands will give them the relaxation experience they’ve never known, yet their bodies have waited their whole lives to experience. For Lucky89, you can be the Authentic Khmer Massage Therapist.

Human Resources

Ah, the backbone of not just Lucky89, but all companies. If Lucky89 is a movie, then Human Resources is the Casting Director. You choose the best people to work in order to make the enjoyment of our players, guests, clients, and visitors complete and satisfactory. Be part of Lucky89’s backbone with these roles: HR Executive, HR Manager.


Businesses run on money, and Lucky89 is no exception. The Finance Department is the ultimate protector of balance, harmony (or, shall we say, harmoney), and enough-ness. There must be enough for everything, for everybody. If you love harmony, balance, and keeping it all together, then you might be interested in applying to these available positions: Finance Executive, Finance Assistant & Finance Manager.


Are you a fresh graduate/fresher, or someone who will be finishing your studies soon?

Before looking far ahead into Phnom Pehn, or the place you’re eyeing for, there might be a good opportunity for you here in Lucky89. If you find it, you don’t have to make the heartbreaking sacrifice of going somewhere else to grow your career.

Submit your resumes or CVs to [email protected] now!