The quaint rural life in Kampong Rou, Svay Rieng.

School and work on the weekdays, lights out for the entire community at night. Nobody stays up, and nobody makes you stay up. Netflix is not a thing. You can be in absolute presence with nature.

kampong rou

But sometimes, we naturally crave the excitement of the modern world.  The noise, the cheers, and the hustle and bustle of the life we want to experience at least a few times in our lives.

Here in the community of Kampong Rou, which was once your typical rural village, a casino has sprung. And with it, a myriad of amenities that’s never been seen in this place before.

And thus, Kampong Rou starts to change.

In this article, we talk about how Kampong Rou has become more exciting without compromising the joy of living with nature since Lucky89 opened back in 2011.





The Lucky89 Border Casino’s ever-increasing need for team members has opened many jobs for Kampong Rou and Svay Rieng professionals to apply and maximize their skills without having to undergo the heartbreaking act of leaving their families and moving out to the city.

Opportunities are vast in the casino industry, such as casino dealers, casino pit managers, Marketing, Human Resources, CCTV, Security, Housekeeping, Maintenance, and more.

There are researches that back up the claim that cities and communities that have casinos benefit from higher wages than communities that don’t have a casino or are farther away from a casino.

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Based on the research, communities with casinos enjoy a sharp uptick in employment both at the casinos and other surrounding businesses.

If you look on the road just outside the Lucky89 Border Casino, you can see a lot of food stalls and shops.


Our casino staff as well as the casino visitors and players buy from these food stalls and shops either for variety or trying them out, or when they offer what the actual casino doesn’t have in stock.

There are also salons where our casino dealers go to in order to prep themselves and take good care of their skin and bodies.




Thanks to Lucky89 and its several amenities, Kampong Rou has become more than a humble community in the border.

The sophistication, class, and stylishness of the hotel and casino were brought to the community.

There are now additional choices for everyone to do on the weekends—from TGIF disco nights to achieving your inner Zen at the massage and sauna area.

Party with us?

Kampong Rou Lucky89 Disco 


Un-cemented roads are muddy, difficult, and inconvenient to pass through especially during the rainy season.

Passing through this type of road on a daily basis during rainy season is very challenging

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This prompted our Lucky89 team to help speed up the building of a new road by donation.

The challenges faced by our rural villagers has remarkably diminished since the new road has been built.




We had our Annual Blessing Prayer Ceremony and Donation Drive this August where we invited everyone to pray along with us and accept our donation gifts composed of food, ang pao (money), and essential daily items.

This is a helping hand we’ve made sure to give ever since Lucky89 has started. We want to help our Kampong Rou brothers and sisters better experience the joys of the world.

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We think of “Share your blessings” as a universal motto that spans across religions and beliefs! which ultimately is in line with our vision which is “The World Is Filled With Joy And Happiness Through Our Efforts”

These are just some of the examples of how Kampong Rou has experienced change as Lucky89 started to be. As we expand to more related ventures in our sweet spot in the border, we’re looking forward to a harmonious, peaceful, quirky, and fun relationship with the Kampong Rou community.