Equal Opportunity, Gender Biases, is it still happening?

Everybody from a very young age always has dreams that they would be somebody or someone.

They would be working in a place where it was all about fun happenings or thrilling moments like we see in the movies.

Then reality set in when we actually step in the life of a working adult as we begin the next phase of our lives.

This where reality strikes for many young people around the work that there is more to the world and the way certain mindsets have taken place which judge you by so many different elements but the most heartbreaking news we have always heard is gender-discrimination.

Sad but true, society has always had a bias aspect towards men and women whereby there are very limited chances for you to grow and succeed in life based on the gender that you are born with. They question here is “Is it a crime to be born with a specific gender”? Well in some parts of the world that is indeed a big thing in society, which is ultimately heart-breaking as we recall some of the challenges faces by renown actress Alicia Vikander.

The future of the world is where a society is tolerant and accepting of each other irrespective of any element especially gender. All people in this world were created equally and all of them deserve the same chances to thrive and attempt to success in the world. All they need is a platform that can be given to them to excel, All they need are people to look at the for what they are capable of, All they need is for a change to make their lives better than it used to be.


Well this is why we at the Lucky89 Border Casino are very proud and happy with the policies that we have in place so that every person, every employee that walks into our company would get the best chance and opportunity to succeed in their lives totally based on merits, values, attitude, trustworthiness and quality.

We at the Lucky89 Border Casino disregard the element of what gender you are or where you came from. What we care is about what you can do with your capabilities and skills as long as you follow the guidelines that we have set in our company’s vision, mission and values. Speaking about our vision, our stance in providing an equal opportunity without gender biases environment is line with our company vision “The World Is Filled With Joy & Happiness Through Our Efforts”

This is not just something we are saying just for the sake of promoting our company but this are proven through the feedback from our employees that went on record to express their joy of working with the Lucky89 Border Casino and how easy it is communicate with peers alike.

Quoting Rith Srey Roth – Casino Dealer

“it’s very nice to work here as I have very nice people with me here. It’s easy to mix with everyone from friends to our supervisors.”

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What does this say?

Simple, Lucky89 Border Casino is the right place for you if you truly want to work and you feel that you have amazing skills that can take an organization to the next level. So for all those talented people out there in the world, just know that the Lucky89 Border Casino has a place for you that is 0% gender biased with equal opportunity to succeed.

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