Opportunities For Fresh Graduates At The Lucky89 Border Casino

Opportunities at Lucky89 Border Casino

What Are The Opportunities for Fresh Graduates At The Lucky89 Border Casino Cambodian families […]

Want To Be A Star? Try singing karaoke at the Lucky89 KTV!

want to be a star2

Singing karaoke at the Lucky89 KTV! X Factor, The Voice, Got Talent, Idol. Glee, […]

The Clubbing Scenes At Lucky Night Disco?

Lucky Night Disco2

The Night Is Always Young. What’s the clubbing scene at the Lucky Night Disco? […]

How Kampong Rou Has Evolved Since Lucky89 Opened

How Kampong Rou Has Evolved

Ahhh. The quaint rural life in Kampong Rou, Svay Rieng. School and work on […]

The Meaning Behind Lucky89’s Logo

lucky89 logos

Wondering What Lucky89’s Logo actually means? What are the happiest moments in your life? […]

Equal opportunity with no gender biases, it’s amazing working at Lucky89


Equal Opportunity, Gender Biases, is it still happening? Everybody from a very young age […]

What To Do While You’re At Lucky89

Do you remember your high school class? You know…. When you were not allowed […]

Donation For The Betterment Of Lives

    The plight and hardships of one elderly person in Cambodia were published […]

Lucky89 Annual Prayer & Donation Ceremony

Our annual prayer for the departed souls of loved ones along with a donation […]

How Does It Feel To Work At Lucky89 Border Casino

Staff Testimonials

The question that everyone has been asking is “How Does It Feel to Work […]