What products can you get at the Lucky89 Mini Mart?

What products can you get at the Lucky89 Mini Mart?

Imagine this:

It’s midnight.

You just got out of your nighttime shower, done with your bedtime beauty routine, stomach still full of that delicious dinner you just had, no headache or any type of pain in your body, you’re not worrying about things that are out of your control at the moment (I mean, would you think of your bank duties when it’s midnight and banks are closed and you cannot do anything about it right now?), no fights with anyone close to you that’s bothering you—all you have left is that Netflix movie that you’ve been very excited to watch for the whole day.

But then, there’s one problem:

You do not have internet credits left.

Oh no.

It’s midnight and the nearby stores are closed.

Are all stores closed, really?

Enter the Lucky89 Mini Mart.

The Lucky89 Mini Mart is that one-stop-shop that you can count on.


Because it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and all types of festivals, without fail—except perhaps when a Zombie Apocalypse happens and everything’s falling apart.

You may consider it as a convenience store—and it is indeed, like convenience stores, open at all times, but it has more stuff than your nearby convenience stores. In a way, it’s one part convenience store, one part grocery. A Mini Mart!

So, what can you find at the Lucky89 Mini Mart?

Well, first of all, there’s food—snacks, desserts, noodles, candies, bread, and anything that will put in content in your stomach, empty or full. You may eat them right there and then—there are paper bowls, chopsticks, spoon and fork, and of course, a water dispenser.

Then come drinks—water, coffee, cow’s milk, soya milk, milk tea, fruit juices, and tea, to liquor—this one ranging from 5% almost no-effect flavored drinks to averagely hard drinks such as soju, to badass hard drinks such as whiskey.

And then you got the cosmetics, toiletries, and medicine—comprising of grooming essentials for both men and women, skincare and hair care, makeup, and medicine for common, illnesses where self-medication is okay (that can still keep the doctor away). They also have mirrors, hair curlers and irons to set you up for your upcoming date at the Lucky Ruby Sky Bar or the Ruby Disco.

Here’s something that you don’t see in an ordinary convenience store—CLOTHES. With shoes and accessories—stuff you wear on a daily basis, from head to toe formal office attire to gym clothes to your delicate intimates.

Souvenir items and gift items. Here we got Lucky89-branded stuff such as t-shirts and caps, as well as those little trinkets on the glass counter for souvenirs to further prove to your friends that you’ve been to Cambodia (in case, you know, they don’t believe the pictures you sent).

We also got kitchen items such as common cooking ingredients, cups, and tumblers in case you broke your cup or feel like buying one.

Everyone’s got gadgets so Lucky89 also got those gadget needs and accessories – earphones, headphones, flash drives or thumb drives, top-up stubs to load your phone.

Bedroom items – from pillows of different sizes to facial masks (aka bedtime skincare) to those cutesy bedtime socks to those stuff that you could easily mistake as balloons waiting to be inflated, we got them here at the Mini Mart.

Photocopy and Printing services — these are Internet Shop services, but lo and behold, we got them right here!

And lastly, we got Others—from laundry and cleaning products and materials to simple home decors and stuffed toys, to beautify your humble abode, to yoga mats that help you diversify your gym workouts, to other uncategorized stuff that this article might’ve missed. You can go check them out at the Mini Mart.

Back to our story, since the Mini Mart offers top-up stubs to different Khmer and Vietnamese networks, there’s no doubt they’ll have your network’s top-up stub, too.

And finally, you can watch your Netflix show in ease and comfort.

Got a need or want for something in the dead of the night or in the early hours of dawn? Chances are we got them here at the Lucky89 Mini Mart.

Visit us here whenever you need.