Welcome to Lucky Ruby Casino & Resort

Lucky Ruby Casino & Resort is location at Cambodia Prey Vor, Svey Rieng. 3 and half hours if from Phnom Penh; 1 hour if from Bavet; 3 hours if from Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city.
Currently we have total more than 100 hotels rooms, more hotel rooms will in process; with Sauna, KTV, Jacuzzi. We have license to operate Casino, Forex, Gold Trading, KTV, Disco, Massage; Sauna, Jacuzzi, Duty Free, Pawn Shop and etc.


Lucky Ruby Casino offers different types of games available such as Baccarat, Tiger & Dragon, Tai Xiu, Fan Tan and Bai Buu Games.


Lucky Ruby Casino & Resort have over 100 Hotel Rooms. All rooms are equipped with a 24-hour Room Service, TV Channel, Fridge, Phones, and Complimentary Toiletries.


Enjoy your evening with us and visit our Karaoke and Mini Disco with good music sound and dance through the night with your friends.


Our sauna facilities for well-being and relaxation. The steam bath is a pleasant sweat bath with an ideal combination of heat and moisture.


Bathing as never imagined starts with your personal vessel of warm, enveloping water. For you, every possibility has been imagined.


Enjoy the cool breeze and indulge your mood in our selective music at Lucky Ruby Casino & Resort