Why Your Next Step in Building Your Career Should be Lucky89

In building your career, there’s an opportunity for you here in Lucky89 Border Casino.

As time goes by, we get older whether we like it or not.

But sometimes, if we’re not careful enough, we don’t necessarily turn wiser as we get older.


You immediately step back from your own life and examine what the heck you’ve been doing.

Have you been learning from your mistakes and base your next actions according to what you’ve learned?

Have you been feeding yourself with new knowledge and use them to do good, better stuff?


Well, before you drown yourself into the Sea of Guilt and Shame and Beating Yourself Up, listen to us when we tell you it’s never too late.

No matter what your age, you can still grow wiser. And learn from your mistakes. And feed yourself with new knowledge and do good stuff.

And sometimes, taking action for your career with a better sense of awareness is the best action for you to grow wiser.

Or changing it.

Either way, joining the Lucky89 Border Casino family will help you grow wise as you grow older in the career sense.

You can decide whether to treat this as a wakeup call or not.


Kampong Rou—serene, quiet, and peaceful as it is, was a little lonely behind closed doors…at least before things got a lively here. Opportunities were limited, especially for those who set the bar high for their ambitions. Kids grow up and leave their families in order to seize better, more diverse opportunities in the city or abroad. Their families miss them.

These grown-up kids miss their families back. They didn’t have to be apart. That’s why when we built our company here as Lucky89 Border Casino with our various amenities—Casino, Hotel, Khmer and Vietnam Beer Gardens, Casino Restaurant, Lucky Night Disco, Karaoke/KTVs, Massage, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Sky Bar, Mini Mart, and Gym, we opened our vacant positions to many Khmer families in the Kampong Rou community and beyond. Now, grown-up daughters and sons can have it both ways—a career full of potential without leaving home.


One of our Missions here in Lucky89 says, “Make our good employees create a better life for themselves and their families.” Everyone’s got families, whether they are inborn, chosen, or newly-formed. Our various incentives and benefits on top of their salaries make it easier for our team members to save up their money and enjoy their lives out of the office.


If you’re a foreign national then Lucky89 is surely for you. We’ve got a lot of foreign team members here and every one of them is getting to know about Cambodia and Khmer culture as well as Indochina culture more and more each day—from the food to the tuk-tuk rides, from the music to the language. Since we’re at the border between Cambodia and Vietnam, we learn a lot about Vietnamese culture as well.


No day is the same in the Lucky89 Border Casino. New goals are made, new tasks are done, new challenges are set as they come. Career development is inevitable, no matter what your position. This also follows one of our Values, Self-Improvement: Feed your body with food and exercise, feed your mind with new knowledge and skills. Growth in your career is imminent.


There’s hardly a company here in Cambodia with more foreign team members than us here in Lucky89. The chance to interact, work, and hang around with them makes everyday work life much more interesting: You get to practice your shared language (usually English) more, you get to meet other people from other countries you would never have met (unless you travel a lot or you hang around ex-pat circles), you get to know about their different working styles, techniques, and cultures, and you get to share yours, too. You get that free cultural exchange just by hanging around them or working with them.

Now, you can take a moment and think if you’re making a mistake by continuing your career on your current job because you don’t experience these Pros while you’re there. Just remember that it’s never too late. You can start taking action now, so you can do more and live more.

As soon casinos in Cambodia will be re-opening once again, we welcome you to apply with us for any of the available vacancies, go and check them out on our Career page. Surely, there’s something for you here in Lucky89 Border Casino.

Send your resumes and applications to [email protected] and let’s see how we can work together.