Have you ever thought of having a birthday celebration here at Lucky89?

Fancy a birthday celebration unlike any other??

There are birthdays that make us want to celebrate with our family. There are birthdays that make us want to spend doing something we love. There are birthdays that make us want to spend with everybody. There are birthdays that we don’t want to celebrate (Hello, teenage angst!).

To those birthdays that we want to be celebrated, have you considered celebrating it at the Lucky89 Border Casino yet?

Read on and consider.


Play for fun at the Lucky89 Border Casino and its many table games. Wager with as many colorful chips as you can. Who knows, maybe you’re luckier on one table than the other? Maybe since it’s your birthday, you’re gonna be luckier? Whatever your bet or hand may be, and whatever the result’s gonna be, make sure you have the most fun.


It’s the border casino restaurant with more-special-than-typical ogle-worthy Khmer, Vietnamese, and well-loved Asian dishes that will look great both on your Instagram feed, will taste great on your mouth, and will digest great on your intestines. Try a bite, or blow your birthday cake instead of one of the Beer Gardens.


30% indoors with airconditioning, 70% outdoors. The yearly venue of the prominent Beer Tournament and the home of all things beer in this corner of the world can be yours for a night of fun, singing, and merrymaking. The same appetite-whetting Khmer, Vietnamese, and Asian delicacies are upon you and your birthday invitees. Make it yours for a day and have the most beer-filled commemoration of the day of your birth. You can hardly host your birthday party here without everyone coming home knowing for themselves they’ve had so much fun.


Vietnam is just over the border, but sometimes you’re not too keen to cross it, especially on your birthday when you’re inviting a bunch of your best buds. Logistics can be quite daunting. Luckily, here in Lucky89 Border Casino, we got the Vietnamese Beer Garden. With the classic Vietnamese dishes in their original tastes, y’all can enjoy even without setting foot on the country of its origin. With its 70% indoors, 30% outdoors setting, a more intimate gathering is upon you as we rearrange the tables to form a really long one in commemoration of the day you started to exist.


With our 40,000+ song hits you can choose from and food and drinks and good company, Lucky Ruby KTV definitely works well on homo sapiens with any type of voice and with the capacity of having fun. Get eating, get drinking, and get singing with your birthday invitees here. No Simon Cowell stinging criticism. Just pure birthday karaoke fun.


There will be a day in everyone’s lives that sees them at the spa for a massage and sauna session. Why won’t your birthday be one of those days, especially when life and work have been keeping you brutally busy lately?

Get comfortable. And even if you fall asleep, they will wake you up when time’s up, anyway.


Hospitality pros manage hotels where you’ll rediscover human thoughtfulness so inviting you’d think it’s unreal. The moment you check-in, you’d know this ain’t gonna be another story of a typical staycation. The Lucky89 Hotels sleep a couple of birthday invitees comfortably in its cozy confines, or even fewer birthday invitees really comfortably. Perfect for the perfect end of a perfect birthday.


A nice dance-y, drink-y night is upon you before or after your relaxing R&R.  Enjoy some frenzied dancing over popping bottles, liquor-filled drinking cups, your hippest birthday invitees, and the loudest party music, while flaunting your best birthday suit (the clothed version).

When it’s your birthday, you deserve to have the fun of your life. To take some time for yourself, free from the demands of #adulting, with good food, good drinks, good gifts, and good company.

Celebrate wholeheartedly, because there’s no day like the day you were born.

Choose Lucky89 as the venue for your next birthday celebration once we re-open in the near future once casinos in Cambodia may resume business in light of Covid-19.