How We Make Our Staff Have A Better Life

Hear it from our staff on how Lucky89 has made their lives better!

We’re all here for a better life.

But there are some things in life that don’t make our lives better.

For the companies we choose to be a part of, it feels like a hit or miss, like it depends on our luck whether the company we choose does help us move closer towards the better life.

We’ve been doing our best here in Lucky89 Border Casino to be the kind of company that truly makes our staff feel that they’re lucky. But we cannot just rely on our efforts alone. We gotta confirm from our staff if it’s true.

That’s why we asked our staff around what they think of working here in Lucky89 Border Casino.


Khunthy from the Housekeeping Department says: Working here improves my career life through work-related research. Each day, I learn something new about teamwork while working with the staff from other departments. Improving my skills helps increase my confidence and persistence especially when I deal with issues I encounter for the first time. Lucky89 also provides comfort with free daily meals which help me keep my savings for future plans for myself and my family.

Sinoun Som from the Finance Department says: Ever since I came to work here, my life has been better than before. It’s because I learn a lot of new things. I feel that learning is especially better here since I get to work with foreign staff. Working in harmony with them despite our differences helps me a lot with teamwork.

Davin from the CCTV Department says: My life has definitely gotten better than before once I started working here at Lucky89 Border Casino. I’ve met many people with whom I’ve become really good friends. I learn a lot about teamwork. After all, if we support each other, we win together.

Chef Thon from the Food and Beverage Department says: The benefits of free rent, electricity, meals, and more help me in saving up my salaries and incentives. These benefits also help me reduce my expenses which in turn gives me the opportunity to provide better to my family. This makes everyone at home happier.


Besides what our staff has kindly shared with us, we also give out incentives every month, on top of their monthly salaries, to our good-performing staff. We love recognizing their efforts and thanking them for it. We also love increasing their leeway to their financials. This is in part of our Mission, “Make our good employees create a better life for themselves and their families.”

You can watch our Incentive-giving videos on our YouTube channel here.


We’re more than just a casino. We also got a hotel, restaurants, beer gardens, massage, sauna, gym, KTVs, mini-marts, and discos. It is indeed our staff who help us get them going, but on their off-hours, they also get to be customers. We’re lending a hand to ease off the expenses by providing various discounts as thanks for supporting our company as customers in their off-hours.

We’re happy and relieved to find out that our staff who came from different departments are certain that working here in Lucky89 is helping their and their families’ lives for the better. We’re happy to be doing this for them. We’ll make sure to keep up with our good practices for our staff.