Why is our company vision very important?

Why is our company vision very important based on the current times?

Our Lucky89 Border Casino has been around for about 9 years now. Like any company, no matter how tight-knit and casual we are towards each other, we do also got the stuff that companies usually have—Vision, Mission, and Values.

“The world is filled with joy and happiness through our efforts”

That is our Company Vision.

What efforts do we make in order for the world to be filled with joy and happiness?

For the past year, at least, let’s look back at some of our biggest efforts:


Every year, Lucky89 hosts the Annual Donation Drive to support the underprivileged members within the local community of Kampong Rou and other neighboring communities.  We give out essentials such as food and ang pao to help them in their daily lives.

We make it a point to regularly give back to the local community as we are passionate about helping them make a better life for themselves and more easily experience the joys of the world.


There’re a few things you can do when you have to pass through a road that is partially broken. Even fewer when it’s broken or unmade. Rains make it muddy, ruining practically any footwear worn by anyone who passes through it. It’s easier to pass through it in the dry summer, but still, it’s uneven and it can be too dusty.

That’s why we’ve ventured to contribute towards its repair in order to help the local community in their day-to-day journies with smoother, flatter roads that they can pass through without hassle.


Rivers divide towns. Towns are divided by rivers. If there’s no bridge, they have to ride boats or travel to the end of the river, circling the whole area, in order to interact, trade, or communicate with the neighboring town. Sure, there’s also the option to build a makeshift bridge with the town’s efforts alone, but makeshift bridges, when not well-constructed, are potentially dangerous.

It’s not how it’s supposed to be now that we’re in the 21st century.

Recognizing that we need to do something to ease their operations and communications, we’ve helped them out by contributing funds towards the building of a bridge in a nearby province


Pagodas are places of sanctuary, safety, and worship, the ray of light and hope against the occasionally unfeeling world around us. As that one place to be closer to god’s grace, there’s a need to maintain the pagoda so it will continue to stand strong, inviting, safe, and holy at all times. Lucky89 donates to the pagoda regularly for their maintenance and longevity.


We love recognizing the efforts of our dear team members and staff. We do it by giving out Incentives monthly. One of our missions is to help our good employees provide a better life for themselves and their families. Giving out Incentives per month is our way of thanking each of our team members and staff for their good and hard work at the same time give them more opportunity in improving their lives.

These are only some of the social responsibility activities carried out by Lucky89. It’s not an overstatement to say that we love this community and our team members and we’re passionate about giving back to it. Pandemic season or Christmas season or normal season, we continue making efforts to give joy and happiness to the world.