Lucky89 Announces 40% Salary For The Month Of April Despite Closure

The Lucky89 Border Casino would like to formally announce that we will be paying all our staff a 40% salary for April during the nationwide temporary closure of all casinos in Cambodia in line with efforts to curb any chance of the COVID-19 virus from spreading further.

COVID-19 has over the last 4 months spread across the world in a way that we have not seen before taking its toll on countless lives, businesses and ultimately plummeting the global economy. A virus of this immense capacity has not been seen in quite some time since the Spanish Flu that ravages Europe and some parts of Asia.

In direct response many countries had to make the best decisions for the people to save lives. This was the time to sacrifice the economy in place of saving millions of lives across the world. For the gaming industry, this was no different as many casinos had to cease operations in efforts to combat the virus.

Here in Cambodia, we as a border casino similar with many other casinos in Cambodia had started to see a decline in customers as the borders for Thailand and Vietnam had started to close ultimately taking its toll on the business itself thus calling for unprecedented measures to be taken to preserve the business sustainability.

Taking into account to volatile nature of the virus, we are the Lucky89 had subsequently placed a lot of preventive measures in place taking into account that we have players at the casino who may have traveled from different regions to get here. Thus in efforts to protect our staff which is our top priority, we went all out in enforcing all staff to wear face masks, provide an adequate supply of hand sanitizers and regularly brief all staff on the preventive measures against this virus so that we would be able to safeguard all the lives that call Lucky89 home.

As the virus had started to begin to spread, it was recently announced that all Casinos in Cambodia would cease operations by 11.59 pm on the 31st of March 2020 in the efforts to prevent the virus from spreading in Cambodia. We have to applaud the carefully planned steps by the Cambodia government in containing the virus in Cambodia as we have seen much improvement in recent days with a steady recovery ratio. This indeed gives hope to the common individual that in current times are wondering what will hold for him the next day.

This is indeed a very hard time for all casinos in the world and Cambodia as well as business has been slow for weeks and now with the closure thus we have no income being generated as a business. However, despite this, the founder of Lucky89, Mr. Jment Lim had decided that in view that April is a very special month for all Cambodians in line with the Khmer New Year celebration which indeed would require a lot of expenses. Hence despite the financial pinch on our business, he has decided to make sure that we help with means we can and ensure all staff whom work at Lucky89 would receive a fixed 40% of their wages for April. This was initially preceded by a donation from our founder to the Cambodian COVID-19 fund of USD 20,000 to aid in the effort to curb the virus from spreading within the kingdom.

Some may ask why do we need to make such costly decision as we could have kept the fund for another time due to the unsureness of when the casinos may resume business but for us, we rely on the values that have founded our company and made it a place that many individuals may thrive in creating a better life for themselves.

To give a clearer insight into this, everyone would need to look into 2 aspects which are our company vision as well as 1 of our company mission. Our vision is to make the world filled with joy and happiness through our efforts hence this is what we are doing, these efforts on our side both in terms of donation or commitment to 40% salary in April is to make the lives that are touched by our efforts be filled with joy and their day to come may be happy alongside their loved ones. The second element is one of our mission which is to create a better life for our good employees and their families. Despite the immense financial pinch on our side, we will still pay out the 40% of salary to all staff during April as this is both a very special month for Cambodia given the upcoming new year and we understand the hardships of the countless number of people along with their families that are living on a day to day basis thus we want to ensure that our employees deserve the best way possible that we can afford given the situation.

We urge all members of the public to follow the directives from the government so that we can assist our government in curbing the spread of COVID-19 in the kingdom. Remember every man, woman and child has a role to play and its not only by donation. The effort as well as precautionary measures need to be followed by all such as using facemasks, regularly cleaning hands or using hand sanitizers and most importantly practice social distancing so that we can nip COVID-19 in the bud as its terrorized the world so much.

Let’s stand together and stay strong. May our beautiful kingdom of Cambodia be 100% free from Covid19 and we all shall be happy again.