Is there a new menu at Lucky89?

Time to find out the juicy details on the new Lucky89 Menu!

It was 2018. It was Thursday afternoon. You and your girls got hungry. You got up from your Baccarat table and headed on to the Lucky89 Casino Restaurant.

As you nibble onto your favorite Beef Lok Lak, you start to wish, “One day, they’re gonna have pizzas.”

And thus the Casino gods took heed of your wish, although they apologize for it to be a little late—it got queued on the Casino Wish Mail.

Nevertheless, unlike your feelings for that person whom you used to think about all the time, your love for pizza doesn’t dwindle in 2 years.

Alas, your favorites in triangular slices have come to your favorite casino.

We know you’ve waited long enough, and we hope we’re not too late.

So the short answer is yes, there’s a new menu at the Lucky89 Casino Restaurant.

And we got pizza, along with many other different new menu selections:



Your favorite meat with the world’s hottest soda. Your favorite meat, crispy fried with garlic—a classic well-loved new addition. Barbecued pork just the way everyone likes it. New Pork comes to Lucky89—in ways you haven’t come to expect.

Choose from: Glazed Coca Cola with Honey Pork Ribs, Crispy Fried Garlic Pork Rib, Char Siu



Beef. Sometimes something you don’t like about somebody or something that you finally muster up the courage to speak about. In more attractive, appetizing, easier-to-talk-about terms, that one meat from our favorite rural herbivore.

Try for your next lunch: Beef Jerky, Grilled Beef with Bean Curd Preserve, Beef Satay with Mixed Vegie Pickle, Hamburger, Stir Fried Cow Intestine with Pepper Elder



Odds are high that you will catch your stomach empty anytime this week. Why not fill it up with everyone’s favorite cooked birds, served in depths of flavor that every living, breathing human being looks for?

Order your Chicken: Chicken Corden Bleu, Chicken Wings, Chicken Boxing, Barbeque Chicken Wing

Or Choose this New Duck: Roasted Duck with Hoisin Sauce


Out of all the new additions to the Lucky89 new menu, it’s the Seafood Selection that’s got the most additions. Dine blissfully. Soon you’ll feel the salty air of the seas, the hum of the ocean breeze, the blueness of the waters…

Choose your aquatic dish: Crispy Vernicelli Salad with Seafood, Stir-Fried Seafood with Green Pepper Corn, Fried Calamary, Prawn Tempura, Fried Corn with Dry Shrimp, Large Tiger Prawn, Grilled Dry Squid, Grilled Squid, Deep Fried Fish with Dressing,



It doesn’t have to be soup weather for you to indulge in fine bowls of soup. You don’t have to be sick either. Likewise, you don’t have to have a reason to order some damn good French fries or mixed meat with vegetable.

Soup and Others: Cow Toe Nails Soup, Mutton Hot Pot Soup, Large Tiger Prawn Soup, French Fries, Grilled Mixed Meat with Vegetable



Your needs this time of the year include this one simple thing. Various taste buds coming from many different lands called for it. These pizza-loving hearts called for it. Once a dream, now a reality. The inevitable pizza comes here, hand-tossed, crispy af, piping hot.

Fuel yourself with Pizza: Barbeque Chicken Pizza, Sausage and Pork Dumpling Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Hawaii Pizza, Duck Hoisin Pizza, Margherita Pizza

Lucky89 Casino Restaurant’s new menu has been made possible by our dedicated staff unearthing the best of the most-loved Southeast Asian and Western dishes. Cooking bounties of these all-time favorites—all delicious that everyone loves to indulge in.

Maybe your destiny is to become a foodie, after all.