Why you should visit Lucky89 if you are not a gambler

Why you should visit Lucky89 if you are not a gambler

Okay, so you find yourself in this corner of the world, in Svay Rieng, Cambodia.

You see that there are astonishing casinos over here.

If you’re an avid gambler, it’s pretty obvious that you’re gonna find fun in this sweet spot between Vietnam and Cambodia, maybe even more than tourist gems like Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, or the queen city Phnom Pehn.

But what if you’re not, and you’re not that interested in blowing on each other’s dice?

Don’t fret. These casinos are not just casinos. Explore a little bit more closely and you’ll find that they’ve got more to them.


Beer Gardens are usually popular whenever it’s summer. But in tropical destinations like Cambodia, where summer is an almost all-year-round thing, then Beer Gardens are open for any season, not just for all seasons of the year, but for all seasons of your life.

Choose between the relative privacy of the indoor Vietnam Beer Garden or the semi-public indoor/outdoor space of Khmer Beer Garden that is also home for the Annual Beer Tournament every October. You can enjoy semi-public Karaoke performances from both beer gardens. You can clap to your new Khmer friend as they sing their throats out or you can do the singing while they do the clapping.

Some beer gardens also come with full-service restaurant service, and for that you can count us in here in Lucky89 for having that, too. 


If you and your new honey-voiced Khmer friend/s wanna take karaoke to the next level—like battling for fame, glory and bragging rights, then a karaoke sing-off is always a good idea. Browse through 40,000 multi-language songs, from the hottest English tunes of any time to your choice of Southeast Asian or East Asian hits. And oh, it doesn’t matter if either one of you is tone-deaf, just don’t get easily intimidated—this is gonna spoil the fun.


If you’re a solo traveler and you find yourself here and you’re not a gambler, the best place for you to meet new people and maybe get some karaoke buddies (in case singing in a KTV room alone sounds too lonely for you), is here at the Lucky Night Disco. Enjoy psychedelic music with blasting colorful lights, your favorite drinks mixed with care and quality, and the hippest Khmer party people.

We wish you the hottest terrific nightlife.

And last but not the least, you might just remember that there’s a first time for everything. Or a first time after a long while. You may classify yourself as not a gambler, but you can still try your luck for some rounds. Who knows, right?


The only one area of the whole Lucky89 complex that is open at all times, 24/7, including holidays and practically anything that could happen, besides the convenience-store-cum-grocery-outlet Lucky 89 MiniMart (where you can buy anything you immediately need). Enter this gambling arena and try your luck on Asian’s most-loved table games such as Fan Tan, 3 Card Poker, and Tai Xiu, or classic table games such as Baccarat.

And maybe, just maybe, if you visit lucky89 and spend a few days would also be good to learn more about yourself